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Who we are?

‘To reach higher positions, we have to step up from our boundaries’
Haut.Monde India Group is the new development and approach by Shri Sai Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. in various sectors including travel, movie production, publication, talent hunts and beauty spectacle. The group was founded in 2008

Miss North India

Ms. North India

Ms. North India is yet another initiative by the Shri Sai Group to bring the talent of North India on a single platform. The group has relentlessly pursued the tradition of hosting all its three beauty pageants in a chronological order over the last seven years and has gained worldwide recognition.

Mrs India Worldwide

Mrs. India Worldwide

To break the stereotypes of the society, Shri Sai Entertainments organizes a beauty pageant for married women across the globe. The aim is to make women realize their potential and show the world that everything does not end after marriage. The previous winners of the show are now successfully working in the glamour industry and some have even landed up in Bollywood!

Mr India Worldwide

Mr. India Worldwide

We at Shri Sai Entertainments believe that fashion is evolving and is breaking all the conventional norms of beauty. In terms of actually clothing, men may have fewer choices than women but at Mr. India Worldwide, we can talk about menswear and men's fashion as much as we can do about women's wear.


Haut Monde Magazine is a high-end luxury magazine with a soul. Haut Monde Magazine aims to bridge the gap between ephemeral trends and fashion with meaning. Haut Monde Magazine is directed at an audience with well-developed creative sensibilities ...

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