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What strikes you when anyone talks about INTERIORS? For me it would be colours and their profound use in every nook and corner of the place. So on entering an interior furnishing store or a Home Shoppe by default my brain goes to anything that’s brightly hued. Strolling through various online options too, on encountering vibrant interior decor products, adding them to the cart is all natural for me. So, conversing with ace Interior Designer Krsnaa Mehta, Founder and Executive Director India Circus was altogether exciting and of totally my liking. He started India Circus in 2012 to bring Indian pop art to home decor products, with the brand name symbolising the melee and “masti” that this country is all about. It was launched at the right time. There were no definite players in the market. In three months India Circus captured the awareness of the entire country.

Krsnaa Mehta- Founder & Executive Director at India Circus

On asking about his inspiration for taking up this career he says,” My inspiration dates back at a young age when I began working with textiles in my family business – Zeba, absorbing the inspirations which we now see as striking designs. My design philosophy translates in “Taking Indian Contemporary to the World.”  And we would completely agree on seeing his brightly hued home design and decor products.

Windows of Dazzle Earthy Wallpaper

As India has been his biggest muse, he says,” The culture is extremely rich and every time you learn something new about it, you realise how much more there is for you to explore.” The products at India Circus are a testimony of his muse. Other than designing stupendous and marvellous spaces he loves travelling though he isn’t an avid shopper while he travels, but “makes sure to visit art galleries and watch young artists creating design districts and mind-blowing wares.”

(Up) Fort City of Mandu Wallpaper; (Down) Hanging Wall-Art

His exclusive style of design consists of “Colours” as he mentions “Colours! Lots and lots of complimentary colours and prints. I like using rustic accessories to liven up spaces like bright pillows, table runners, lamps, wall art and small accents here and there.” Being an avid Interior designer his designs are not limited to interiors only. His brainchild India Circus made his designs reached new levels as he mentions,” At India Circus, my designs can be printed on the smallest of the tumbler or it could be printed on a wallpaper and be put up in your home. The key here is design, and everything that India Circus offers is for home décor.”

(Up) Pecking Chakra Clutch ; (Down) Desert Plants Wooden Jar

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Vibrant, colourful, and Indian is what best describes India Circus — an online and offline retail brand that offers eccentric accessories, wall arts, home décor, fashion products, and utilities. With an All-Indian palette, they draw inspiration from both Mughal Royalty as well as road-side chai. India Circus seeks to curate the essence of life in India, and transcribe this loud and colourful experience into contemporary and sophisticated style. From luminescent lamps to totes a la mode, they have a lot to offer for each corner of your life! The vibrancy of the colours combined with the nuanced heritage of the designs makes each piece created at India Circus exceptional.

(Up) Flight of Cranes Decorative and Snacks Platter; (Down) Floral Burst Blended Taf-Silk Cushion Cover

Having collaborated with Godrej & Boyce as their lifestyle pillar Krsnaa Mehta says,” We are open to all avenues of businesses. What makes us have both online and offline presence is the fact that our audience still wants to touch and feel the product before they buy it. Having said that, we want Omni-channel presence for the brand and widen our design licensing and royalties portfolio.”

Believing in setting trends for others in industry Krsnaa Mehta finishes off the convo on a very colourful note leaving me more than ever excited to reach India Circus and redecorate my space