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Uttarakhand burns down in the rage of forest fire

Uttarakhand burns down in the rage of forest fire

Uttarakhand the place known for its holy destination and heavenly sceneries is now suppressed under the black smoke cloud. Since 2016, there has been a distant attachment between Uttarakhand and its lush forest.

The habitat of wild animals, jungles and forest has suffered a lot due to insufficient love for the environment.

Clear skies and healthy forests are all about prediction and less about possibilities.

Whenever we hear someone talking about Uttarakhand the first thing that clicks our mind is white capped mountain, swift waves of Ganges. The image is now in the path of distortion, every year Uttarakhand loses its forest due to fire.

Let us know the damage done to Uttarakhand’s forest caused by fire.

  • 2016-
    1. The forestland was in jeopardy for 3 months because of raging fire.
    2. 3000 hectares of forest were damaged and seven lives were claimed.
    3. Indian Air force and Indian Army was called out for help.
  • 2017-
    1. 100 hectares of majestic forest were lost in Uttarakhand.
    2. 13 crores were given by the government for precaution and safety   measures.
    3. The worst affected areas were Mussoorie, Tehri, Pauri and Rudraprayag.
  • 2018
    1. Around 545 incidents of fire in forest were reported.
    2. Almost 1500 hectares of forest land was gutted.
    3. Agricultural system and earning was badly affected by the mishap.
  • 2019
    1. The heavenly state mostly covered with the cool breeze touches 4 degree Celsius.
    2. 527 hectares of forest land is suffering the flames.
    3. 308 cases of fire mishaps has been reported till now.
    4. The affected areas are Dehradun, Tehri Garhwal, Champawat, Almora.

What do you think what are reasons behind Uttarakhand facing the flames? Here is the time to understand to those reasons.

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  1. High Temperature
    No atmospheric moisture and the exceeding rise in temperature is one of the biggest reason for forest to catch fire.
  2. Forest Department and its mismanagement
    Winter rains are decreasing with every year and so far no actions are taken by the Forest Department. In the absence of winter rain, the process for better summers includes locking water in the soil, in order to skip the summer fire in forest. Some effective measures were required for the unforeseen situation.
  3. Forest Mafias
    This illegal activity involves the intentional burning of trees by the mafia and some local villagers in order to sell the wood. At present, the net worth of the burned wood from the forest fire is estimated to be thousands of crores, from which the illicit timber black marketers will make handsome profits.
  4. Climate Change
    Global Warming is one of the biggest reason for wildfire. The global warming causes climate change creating an imbalance environment for the natural habitat to survive.
  5. Change in agricultural practice
    The shifting of agricultural practice is a common reason for the occurrence of wildfire. In this practice, the villagers set fire to the forests in order to expect a better growth of grass. They also make handful earnings by selling the dead trees, which is their source of illicit income. It does not only ruin the forest its habitat but also the pattern of forests.

Uttarakhand also known as the Devbhoomi (Land of Gods) never had a problem in attracting eyes but due to this huge loss caused by the wildfire, the Devbhoomi is losing its comeliness. People lose their lives and lifestyle in this frequent occurring mishap.

So what do you think, how can we protect our mother nature from such predators?