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The most important thing a girl wear is her confidence: The Story of Rina Bansal

I was born and brought up in the small town of Alwar ,However I never allowed this to become a handicap in my education. I always had a good eye for smart dressing and groomed myself to fit anywhere. I also had a knack for fashion designing and interior decoration, everyone who visited our home was always impressed I was highly appreciated. As I grew up I wanted to continue in this field professionally but after marrying to an Air Force officer(now retired)was always staying at far off areas devoid of anything but the basics.

I got an opportunity to do something once I got to jodhpur and finished my BEd but I was happy taking classes for the underprivileged children as a part of AFWWA rather then taking a regular teaching job. My love for cooking took me to participate in MasterChef 2016, where I made it to third round. Haute Monde Mrs India 2019 has now provided me with a chance to represent all the women who are talented but could not find the right opportunity or formal training or are too busy taking care of their other responsibilities to showcase them. I am here because I want women like me to know that while you fulfill your duties do not let your talent and your dreams get lost, take some time out for yourself as that is also one of your very important responsibility.

Haute Monde Mrs India provided me a platform from which I could confidently voice my opinion on various relevant topics such as menstrual hygiene, importance of a healthy lifestyle with the right balance of diet, exercise and work, yoga etc and be heard as an individual who is a responsible member of this society.

The various tasks that I participated in have also broken the myth amongst a lot of my colleagues that such pageants are nothing but a waste of time as they deal with only the cosmetic values and do not really have any depth. I feel that that once one is heard the person too grows and speaks more responsibly.

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My journey since being part of haute Monde Mrs India 2019 has been amazing. I coming from a small town had always cherished dreams of a platform where I could showcase my talent and all that I have learned over the years. Being a finalist in haute Monde Mrs India 2019 has given me the perfect opportunity to reach out to all women who have talent but not enough access or are too busy taking care of their home to show their other side their complete personality and character.

Haute Monde Mrs India has been truly inspirational and participating in it has been a life changing.