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Monsoon Trends We Are Going Gaga Over!

Transparent raincoats with butterfly embellishments on it, along with an umbrella in the same design by Lie Sang Bong in her collection, is the top pick by Haut.Monde India’s editors.   This crystalline material is the new wow factor that you should definitely adorn this monsoon season. 

This plain transparent, glassy and shiny raincoat, with solid black lines, can be worn on top of any attire that you wear this monsoon. These raincoats are easily available on websites like Amazon and Flipkart. What are you waiting for? 

The rains are here! This time you get out of your house and into the rain, don’t forget to pick up a quirky raincoat. This design by Jean-Charles de Castlebajac has bold printed stitch lines on white, with basic red, yellow and blue and huge sized buttons with transparent pockets. If you don’t want to put on a lot of colors but want to stand out as bold, get this look! 

Out in the rain but still, want a hint of spring along? Wear this amazing raincoat with floral print and match it with a floral print umbrella too. Go all flowery this monsoon. Mix and match prints and don’t coy! Now is the times to show them what you really are. Go all out! Big flowers, small flowers, red flowers or white flowers! This is the time to rock the flowery prints.

With the mud all around and the dull grey sky, light up your day with this pastel pink raincoat, along with a matching umbrella with stripes. Monsoon wardrobe is so much more than just the raincoats! It is how you accessories your outfit with the umbrella, gumboots, raincoats and so much more! 

For all those looking for some bling this season, here is our top pick for you! This hologram translucent raincoat is the perfect pick for any time of the day or night! Going for a night out and it starts raining? Hop on into one of these crazy blingy raincoats!

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This ultra-classy raincoat by Fendi covers you from top to bottom. It has faux leather surface developments and can be worn even when it’s not raining. Big, bold and simple is the mantra of this season, most of the designs are minimal in nature, yet loud at the same! 

Wouldnt you look super elegant with this shiny silver raincoat? Pair it up with a black umbrella with white polka dots on it! This sci-fi themed metallic raincoat with a baggy silhouette covers you till the toes from the top. It’s never a bad idea to experiment a little.