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Kerala revives after flood, all set to attract tourism

Kerala revives after flood, all set to attract tourism

The god’s own country, Kerala has always been on top news because of the exceeding number of tourists but back in 2018, the state brought melancholy in the headlines with the terror of floods.

Kerala faced the worst in hundred years of calamity. The favorite travel destination ravaged in the strong waves of flood.

From politicians to fishermen, Kerala media along with civilians everyone was wrapped in the rapids of death that was encountered in the face of flood.

95% of the tourism destination was harmed in this catastrophic natural disaster. The rebuilding of the state accompanied with green palm trees and calm beaches, seemed impossible. 

As per the Kerala government, one sixth of the population was affected. The rate of death toll increased.

People with their own eyes saw their houses and family members being swept away in the ruinous waves.

Kerala is a state that contributes the most to the economy through its tourism.

Kerala is not restricted till its tourism, the state is known for exporting rubber and sea food to all the other countries, hence helps in maintaining the economy and relationships with other countries as well.

Somehow, the long road towards normalcy was covered within 2 months. People from all around the world contributed and showed mercy massively.

The humanity was restored in this act, where the entire world united to revive the tragic disaster.

People showed up for this needy state with shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand energy. After two months of the calamity, this piece of god’s art revived with 60% to 70% of tourist destinations.

The unity of people and even politicians was phenomenal.

After this fast revival, the tourism bounced back to the right place with right pace. Kerala jumped back on the tracks after the floods and brought more developments.

The healthy Kerala justifies the name God’s own country. The endless lush greenery and beaches have been restored.

The place with golden beaches and fresh backwaters are placed back on the map of tourism. Though for a while it looked impossible to revive roads and all other kinds of connectivity but the phenomena of rejuvenating did wonders.

Out of 70 tourists destinations, 50 places are fully functional while 20 others have been restored well.

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Not just tourism but the educational system and employment is back with a bang. Around 2,12,615 girls appeared for exams this year.

The world’s largest functional bird sculpture, Jatayu Earth Centre, statue of the Hindu mythological bird Jatayu is up and has already become the center of attraction according to tourism department.

Pinarayi Vijayan, the chief minister of God’s own country is one of the reason for the rise. He managed to maintain the calm and frequent press conferences helped people to stay undisturbed.

The lazy backwaters and jungles are all set to awaken the wilderness in the tourists. The energized state is ready for people to explore the woods.

The art forms are back again to whisper the tales in the ears of travelers who are excited to step into the peacefulness of Kerala. This summer plan your trip to enjoy the Champakkulam Boat Race and Njangattiri Aanayoottu, the ceremony of feeding elephants with feasts.

In the name of brotherhood and concern the state is back to its happy and lively place. The youth, the Indian government and every supporter from the world made it possible for wonders that awaits for you.

A dab and hat-tip to the commendable spirit of Malayalis.