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Hop on to these face packs and get rid of tanned skin

Hop on to these face packs and get rid of tanned skin

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Are you a summer person but the thought of tan lines scares you? Relax, you’ve arrived at the right article. We know summer is the season to chill on beach shores, go out for fishing wear cute chummy clothes but the after results usually turns to out to be unfavorable.

Worried much on how to escape itchy days?

This season fool the dark tanned lines with these miraculous face packs.

1. Strawberry and Milk face pack

Add two tablespoon milk and mix it with 4-5 crushed strawberries.

Apply the mixture on the tanned skin for 30 minutes.

The default exfoliating element of strawberries leaves a strong impression on the tanned skin.

Perform this method twice a week to instant and impactful results.

2. Ripe Papaya and Honey face pack

Mash your ripe papaya into lump free puree and add a tablespoon of honey in the mixture.

Apply this enchanting mixture on face and wash it off with cold water after 30 minutes.

The element present in Ripe Papaya helps to unclog the pores and cleans the skin deeply.

To have a flawless and smooth skin apply this mixture 1 once in a week.

3. Potato Juice and Lemon Juice face pack

Mix equal amount of potato juice and lemon juice.

Apply it on tanned areas of the body and let it dry for 15 minutes.

Once dried, wipe it with cold water. It’s considered to be the best sun tan pack as it removes acnes and blemishes from the root.

This face pack can used on every day.

4. Sandalwood powder and coconut oil.

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Mix one tablespoon sandalwood powder with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.

Rub the mixture all over your face and leave it overnight. Wash it with cold water in morning.

Apply this every night to get rid of dark spots and sun tan.

With regular usage the dark spots will vanish fast.

5. Plain Yogurt

Apply chilled plain yogurt on your face to lock moisture and to vanish tanning from face.

Yogurt helps in dealing with pigmentation and dullness of the skin. Yogurt can be applied on to skin on regular basis.

Chilled yogurt is necessary to provide soothing sensation to the skin in scorching days and keeps skin hydrated and does not let it turn into flaky one.

This summer wonder and wander to places without worrying about your skin. Be Carefree, Be You!