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Guide for solo female travellers

Guide for solo female travellers

Traveling solo is a pure bliss and exhausting as well. Being a woman, just the thought of traveling alone in the streets that you’re totally new to can be scary as well but following the heart strings telling you to explore and travel cannot be ignored either.

Before you decide to travel and explore India all by yourself, you need to know that the country is home to many magical destinations and threats as well.

On the other hand, you can’t ignore the fact that travel whispers the best tales and memories for you to open up to the entire world.

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Get yourself ready for the most awaited solo trip of yourself, here are some tips you need to know for flabbergasting trip.

  1. You always have someone
    Going out as a lone traveler can be dangerous at times and in times like these where you feel uncomfortable or fishy start pretending like you know someone. Letting people know that you’re solo, can end up getting you in trouble.
  2. Don’t disrespect the culture
    Never! I repeat, never disrespect new cultures or tradition you come across. Having your own strong perspective is actually amazing but at the right time. Disrespect to culture and tradition can actually offend local people, which is obviously not a good thing for a female solo traveler.
  3. Must haves in traveler’s bag
    Carry a packet of sanitary napkins, just in case your menstruating cycle decides to become a *badass*. Own two pairs of harem pants, these chummy pants don’t take much space and washing it is not an issue, it dries up fast!
  4. Luxurious or Adventurous stays?
    Luxurious or Adventurous stays? I say youth hostels! Youth hostels are the best, trust me! Your comfort zone needs along and some adventurous experience will all be taken care by youth hostels. It is under the budget and will help you in making friends. In this way, you know people in case you’re stuck in bad situation.
  5. Carry the details
    Book the hostel/hotel before you visit. Take the number and address of your hostel with you. If you’re in a dodgy situation or get lost, they can often arrange for a trusted local driver to pick you up, which is much safer than just jumping into a passing taxi.