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Folk dances of India and their stories

Folk dances of India and their stories

India is a country where the discussion of art takes place in the form of a wonderful combination of dance and music. Our country owns an open heart and boundless forms of art.

Every state of India has its own rich and beautiful culture that includes different ways of expressing it. The land of culture and traditions usually performs folk dance and tribal dance to spread joy and celebrate birth, weddings or even arrival of seasons.

Every state has its own unique form of folk dance expressed with the help of different music, rhythms, dresses and jewelries.

Following are the different folk dances that requires skill and imagination to express in the best and fullest possible way.


Apart from the business of Bollywood and glory of festivals, Maharashtra owns another pomp of art i.e Lavani. Maharashtra gave birth to the most attractive piece of perfection, this reflection of beauty with energy is a pure treat for your eyes. Lavani is an expressive folk dance of Maharashtra performed by women in beautiful nine yards sarees. The enhancing beats of music used in lavani brings energy in the bodies of the viewers as well. The energetic dance is performed on the beats of dholki. The word lavani was originated from “lavanya” which means beauty. This enchanting dance form was originated in the 18th and 19th century to boost the morale of soldiers. During the Peshawari dynasty, lavani climbed up the peak of fame and popularity.


Bhangra is the perfect fusion of music, energy and dance which was originated in the India and Pakistan. This combination of energy and dance is pretty popular for its vigorous and fierce kicks, bends and leap. The Sikh community brought the popularity and glory to the unique dance form. Bhangra was originated in order to celebrate the coming of spring also known as Vaisakhi. Bhangra is not just a dance form but a way of delivering a message through dance, it is usually and more about social message that the deliver.

The uniqueness of this involves dancers singing in the rhythm of dhol accompanied by energetic music. Because of this pretty set of energy, it is now seen that Bhangra is now stepping into the Bollywood. The fetching beat of this dance catches every attention.


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One such dance form which is globally recognized was originated in the state of royalty and rich culture, Rajasthan. The dessert state of India which is also home to many culture, tribe, communities, folk dances and much more is also known for its worldwide famous folk dance Kalbelia. Kalbelia is also known as Snake charmer dance or Sapera. This set of entertainment by the Rajasthani tribes includes many instruments played by men and danced on by women. This popular folk dance was termed as the sapera because the Kalbelia tribe used travel from one place to another in the search of work whereas men of this community owned the occupation of catching snakes and later trading with their venom.

The musical instrument involved in this folk dance is been or pongi which has a high pitch sound that catches all the attention.

India has become the real expression of faith through its pure folk art and culture. The vibrant laurels of Indian folk dances are becoming worldwide famous due to diverse nature and enthusiasm in the tradition of our country.

Here is a suggestion to our readers, make a list of folk dances in your wish list and get on to the ride to tick those.