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Cooking Hacks for All

Cooking Hacks for All

We have some awesome kitchen short cuts and time saver ideas that you may have never known about!  These are great kitchen secrets that you have to read about and see for yourself.

1. Preserve Your Herbs & The Rest of The Wine

Left with some of wine in the bottle that you know you’re not going to drink within a few days, you can still preserve it for future use. Pour the wine in an ice cube tray and freeze it. Use the cubes in a cooking recipe, wine spritzer, or pitcher of sangria same goes for the herbs. Don’t let your herbs dry out or go bad. You can preserve them too. Place them in an ice tray with olive oil or water. Freeze them. Take them out only when you’re ready to cook.

2. Prevent Microwave Dryness

Microwaves can cause food to dry out. But there is a way to combat this. Place a cup of water next to your food in the microwave when you cook it.

3. Easy Peel Eggs

Hard boiled eggs can be easily made, but they are a pain to peel. Put the eggs in a steamer basket suspended over boiling water for 15 to 16 minutes. The eggshell will slip right off this way.

4. Low Down Tomato Rot

If you want your tomatoes to last longer, place them stem down when you store them. The air and moisture won’t be able to enter the stem scar this way. Storing them at room temperature also makes them last longer.

5. Keep Cut Fruit From Browning

Squeezing lemon juice on fruits after cutting, prevent it from browning. You can also mix honey with double amount of water. This method will slow down the oxidation process.

6. Easy Peel Potato

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There’s a much better way to peel potatoes instead of using a peeler. Start by boiling your potato. Toss your potatoes into an ice bath after you boil them and watch the skin fall right off.

7. Make Cheese Grating Easy

Grating semisoft cheeses like mozzarella can be made easy. Put cheese in the freezer for about 30 minutes. It will be much easier to grate now.

8. Tear-Free Way To Chop Onions

Chopping onions can turn you into a weepy mess. Just freeze your onion before chopping. Make sure you cook the onions right after you freeze and chop them or else they’ll get soggy when they thaw. You can also hold a slice of bread in your mouth to prevent the tear-inducing gases from reaching your eye.