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Breaking period myths and taboos

Breaking period myths and taboos

Mensuration is a beautiful phenomenon, also celebrated in few parts of India but also owns some aspects which are full of taboos and myths. The same old theories and thought process restricts women in their happy socio life.

That menstruation taboos still have firm roots in Indian society was revealed in a study by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

However, the developing India now knows how to fight back and break the taboos, the tainted femininity has started to fade from the rich culture of India.

Some days people say that PMS is all in mind and there are days, when they question if you’re PMSing because somehow emotions turned a rare topic of acceptability.

Just a mere mention of menstruation is taboo but it is very necessary to understand from where it all began.

Let’s see what are the perceived myths an genuine facts about periods.

  1. Cursed menstruating woman
    Myth- According to wrongly perceived society of early years, women are cursed with impure blood five days in a month. The mensuration cycle is considered as unpurified.
    Fact- A menstruating woman is not an unpurified but a part of healthy and natural body process. The process takes place when the body cleanses fluid which is a mixture of blood and tissues.
  2. Menstruating woman is impure to offer prayer
    Myth- Back in those days people used to live their lives on self-claimed fact that women are impure and contains dirty blood that weren’t supposed to offer prayers or become part of religious ceremonies.
    Fact- In early years women did not have sanitary napkins nor hygiene awareness/measurements to look after them, which is why heavy flowing bloods made women weak. In order to save them from exhausting performances they were told to take rest. 
  3. Entering a kitchen during menstruation will cause health issues to family
    Myth- If a menstruating woman cooks or enters a kitchen, she will poison the food due to her “dirty” blood.
    Fact- Previously women were not aware of general hygiene measure causing imbalance.
  4. PMS is all in your head
    Myth- People believe that women use PMS as a reason to justify their cravings or mood swings.
    Fact- PMS is a health issue, faced by 90% of women. It is a health condition that requires proper attention.


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Despite it’s a modern era and 104 satellites have been launched in space but somehow people won’t come out of their orthodox shells. The conservative oysters restricts their minds in the case of menstruation apart from same old perceived myths let us appreciate how India is now fighting back to break the stereotypes.

India is a country acknowledged for its rich culture, heritage and such socio-restricted norms brings distortion in Indian tradition.

Here’s to more girl power and every girl should know that she is worthy and pure in every way!