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Best sweat proof foundation for this summers

Best sweat proof foundation for this summers

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Summers are sliding in quietly but very fast and we know you’re worried about encountering cakey makeup in this scorching summers. We all are craving for cute shiny skin but what if our oil glands decide to be over productive? Well in that case a ruined T zone is spotted.

Every skin has its own unique texture that requires a specific type of foundation and in that case we end up being confused which one to hop on.

So are you looking for summer saviours to help you beat the irritating sweat? Avoid looking a hot mess in this weird gigantic summer situations.

Here are some happy-go lucky water based and burden free foundation to own this summers.

1. Milk Makeup Blur Liquid Matte Foundation

This lightweight foundation is known for its oil free and silicon free serum. This enchanting solution is capable of fitting in the loud open pores, creating flawless skin.

This magical element is very lightweight and gives a high quality matte finish. Seriously this foundation sticks to its words and the skin as well, no reapplying required.

This matte full coverage stays with the commitment of 24 hours. Get this amazing asset right now.

2. Maybelline SuperStay Full Coverage Foundation

     The all-time famous foundation is liquid magic that blurs the flaws and imperfection of the skin and glides into the skin in a very breathable manner. Even on the days when you will sweat like you’re lost in the summer wave of Sahara Dessert, the 16 shades foundation will anyhow manage to stay for 24 hours.

Once applied we bet you are not hopping on to another unpromising foundation, this unique balance of warm and cool this Maybelline product consume the flaws and enhances the features of the face.

3. MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

The heavenly solution is made up of waterproof elements that seamlessly hops on covering all your acne, pores and flaws. This foundation is definitely your go, cute chums!

This formula just not gives the illusion of smooth skin but also helps you to get one. Not just capable of controlling the oil but also helps in making it smooth. You’ll love how the foundation lays on to skin, causing it pleasure.

Escape flaky or hot sweaty face and jump on to this marvelous formula we bet you won’t anywhere else.

4. Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation & Concealer

This miraculous fluid is a pure form of bliss. This incredible formula is foundation and a concealer as well owning the power of hiding dark spots, scars and tattoos as well. Without weighing you down the foundation gives you sense of glow and sweat free at the same time.

The product also contains the benefit of a primer as well making it cost effective for all the “elegant makeup seekers”. It’s a waterproof formula with the stay of more than one year.

So what are you even waiting for? Go get your new sweetheart now!

5. L’Oreal Infallible 24H-Matte Foundation

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           This perfect coverage liquid foundation is not just waterproof but also steam-proof as well. The product promises to accompany your face for 24 hours, making sure that your face looks flawless and a hot mess other way round and not in the scorching heat way.

The one day stay foundation doesn’t makes your skin look dry but still manages to carry the matte look effortlessly.

The foundation always helps the skin complexion to look natural and gorgeous at the same time. This one roams around in a convenient and portable cute little tube.

Be the cutie and elegant lady at the same time with L’Oreal Infallible 24H-Matter Foundation.


6. Dior Forever 24h Wear Matte Foundation

This iconic foundation formula has velvet touch with matte finish creating a magical look on the skin. The product looks after the skin like its own baby! This long lasting foundation just like its name add favor and justification to its actions, which is staying on to the skin like forever.

The skin glowing format gives a radiant as well as matte finish helping all the makeup lovers to achieve the look that they desire to be.

Instantly enhancing the appearance of the skin, Dior Forever meticulously digs in the skin to nurture with caring elements. To make your skin look full of sensuality and youthfulness buy this adorable now.