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Are women and children crumbled in JnK issue?

Are women and children crumbled in JnK issue?

Kashmir! The paradise on Earth, a place with fresh breeze , white mountains accompanied by lush forest and bounty nature owns the other side as well. A blooming valley where silent sufferers are residing with hope.

So much of bloodshed and violence leaves the women and children of Jammu and Kashmir shattered. The paradise on earth is not all about its heavenly sceneries but also the place known for the violation of humanity.

The conflict in Jammu and Kashmir is amongst the oldest unresolved conflicts under United Nations. This conflict is reason for stumbling phase of women and children of Jammu and Kashmir.

Hopping to the beginning of the conflict, the nineties was the period of major calamity for children, that is how it is one of most targeted groups of state violence for children.

The graphs and the statistics of minor killings in JnK for pat fifteen years are constantly rising.

The traumatizing side of Jammu and Kashmir is not restricted yet, women are also crumbled in this conflict. The number of widows has increased manifold in Kashmir and many mothers lost their lives while grieving for their dead children.

Terrorism of violation of human rights is increasing constantly, threats, stone pelting, rape often go unreported.

Subsequently, many girls were forced to quit their studies and remain confined to their homes. There has been a sociological and psychological impact of violence on these young girls who have been denied education.

The percentage of depression and anxiety increased between women and children that it now has become a very common topic of discussion. The pretty gems of the Earthy paradise are suffering through forceful trauma and threats.

With the constant fear of gunmen and violence that includes riots, stone pelting etc. Many families introduced a suffocating lifestyle to women and children, this clearly meant the degradation of education and safety.

In 2018 the number of encounters increases hence leading to more physically harmed women. In many terrorists attacks women are abducted. Women and children undoubtedly became targets for no other reason than being part of the general population.

In the last three decades many incidents of harassment, sexual violence or beating of school-going children near the school premises have been reported. Various studies have revealed that violence on the bodies of women and children were revealed under the political suppression.

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The beauty of Jammu and Kashmir is drowning in the bloodshed of innocent citizens. Clearly it’s a paradise lost in the hustle bustle of violence.

People are surviving silent torture created by the discrimination of society and brutal lifestyle because of the presence of terrorism. A normal happy lifestyle has become a myth in Jnk, the sources of happiness and positivity is more into pretentious angles.

It is a sin for to forget the unspeakable crimes suffered by the happy and lively heart of JnK’s women and children. At a very young age, children were introduced to the pain of losing families and a joyful life at school.

The conflict of Jammu and Kashmir has overpowered the existence of humanity. As the time passes by it is now considered that for some reason violence in the name of conflict is justified and the fact that are valuable and important is more ignored.

Women and children are still mourning the disappearance of the existence of their happy lives.