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An Adventurer for life: The Story of Ankita Yadav

An Adventurer for life: The Story of Ankita Yadav

I have had a very adventurous life since the childhood , being an army brat, traveled places , changed schools, made new friends and lived in a new house every two years . As I grew up I started working early.Iguess I was just 20 when I got my first pay check.I started flying for a leading airline of the country, which by the way at that time was a big deal.. started living out of a suitcase again.I still remember my first international flight…while I was working as an air hostesses, I completed my education, finished my MBA. I always knew I am not going to be able to do this job forever so wanted to have a back up plan..

            In the year 2012 I got married to my boyfriend, who now is my husband . My husband is a pilot in the army.. and it felt like the perfect match where an air hostess marries a charming army pilot.. it felt like straight from the fairytales..I tried to continue my job after marriage but the distance was too much , new marriage and long layover flight .. we would try and meet up every alternate month but this didn’t seem like the perfect marriage setup and eventually I decided that I would leave my job and stay with him..

so we started the new phase of our married life and had two beautiful kids, actually three.My elder son is 4 yrs old and my younger daughter is two and third one is my dog who is 3 yrs old ..I got too engrossed in raising a family , I did my B.Ed , as I always wanted to be working but with two small kids , it seemed like a dream that I would ever be able to step out in the outside world again..

            I love my family and all the love I have got but some where I always etched to go back and do something..

      I believe my husband could see that in me and one fine day he came home and said I have registered you for Haut Monde Mrs India worldwide and you have to go for auditions start preparing.. I was zapped after 7years of being a stay at home wife and a mother I was to go for an audition? Initially I thought it’s useless and kept it aside . But as the dates for auditions approached , I started getting excited about this , I started preparing for the talent round..

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      The high point was getting through the auditions and the rush I felt after so long .. so many talented women out there , who made it to the pageant, in spite of all the odds .. I thought  to myself I have to do this ..

     So here I am on this new journey to rediscover myself, I feel beautiful all  over again .. I shopped for myself and just myself , wanted to be with the trend , started taking care of my diet , started exercising.. this in it self was an achievement. Because I never thought I had time for me before ..people I know have expectations from me.. my kids look up to me and above all my husband wants me to do this .. he takes care of the kids while I spent time on myself.. this has been the biggest life change I have had and all thanks to the Haunt Monde team..